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Latest Release -TUMERIC

Release Date: 20th May 2022
Version: Web 2.7.21 and Mobile 2.6.46 on iOS and Android


Deleting Completed Forms 

  • Administrators can now remove completed forms from your account via the Admin Console.
  • When logged in as a web Administrator select a completed form you want to remove and select the trash can icon to remove.
  • Once deleted the forms cannot be retrieved so be sure before you delete them!
  • Note that statistics, staff induction dates and equipment maintenance dates that were derived when the form was first completed may be incorrect if you delete a completed form.
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Sensor Enhancements 

  • We’ve made some enhancements to our sensors and hardware so that now any archived sensor data is still easily accessible from your Dashboard in the Admin Console.



Group Administrators 

  • Group administrators can now create other admins who see a subset of the group's organisations. This is useful if you have regional or sector-specific managers who only need to focus on a filtered view of your organisations activity.
  • The Group Dashboard has been enhanced so that the Group Form Statistics tab lets you choose to view progress for weekly and monthly scheduled forms, as well as the daily scheduled forms are currently shown. You can now also choose to exclude/include Organisation or Site-specific Forms in the table.

Under The Hood

  • We have increased the performance of loading and saving of Resources, Reporting and saving Form Templates.
  • We’ve optimised the web portal filtering and search to search across more fields.

Mobile App Improvements

  • We've made some privacy improvements to Corrective Actions so they're only viewable on mobile by the manager or the Corrective Action assignee.
  • You and your team can now access Saved Forms from the past 12 months, not just the last 30 days.
  • We have fixed a system issue that was sometimes causing users to get an unhelpful white screen on app launch.
  • We have made performance improvements to loading forms, and large lists of equipment or users.
  • We have also tackled a number of bug fixes and made performance improvements across all platforms.