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About Us

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Our Story

Roger Harris, co-founder of Phoenix drinks is still adding Fizz into the hospitality industry but this time it's with technology. Trail-blazing organics business Phoenix Drinks owed a big part of its success to the loyalty and support it gained from its customers. It was a desire to do something for the industry, to give back, which has inspired Roger’s latest business venture.  A chance conversation over a beer alerted Roger to the impact food safety compliance rules were having on food businesses.  

Roger crafted a vision to use technology to make it easier for food operators to comply with the food safety rules which MPI had mandated. A period of research, analysis, design, and development followed. “The one thing I learned about a technology solution is that it is not cheap and there are no shortcuts,” Roger said. 

Roger is now a fully paid-up member of NZ tech community, as one of the founders of Comply Pro, he and the team are using the latest and greatest Cloud and App technology to deliver a disruptively priced digital food control plan - Safe Food Pro.
Safe Food Pro was launched in July 2018 at the Fine Food New Zealand show in Auckland and generated immediate interest from the industry. For the first time in New Zealand, there was a digital food safety solution that allowed users to onboard themselves using a slick onboarding wizard based on MPI’s own paper-based equivalent. Also, this is a solution designed and built in New Zealand by a development company (previously Rad3) with a strong pedigree in building complex, bespoke business process software for clients in New Zealand and offshore.

Ask Roger why Safe Food Pro has met with such a positive market response?

MPI are continually evolving the rules for food safety so Safe Food Pro has been designed so we can deploy the latest MPI requirements to the App directly. This keeps our users compliant and removes the risk of guesswork. I am determined to bring this product to market at a price point where it is affordable for food operators of any size, from a corner dairy right through to a supermarket chain. Food safety compliance software should not just be the domain of well known high-end restaurants. There are NO SETUP COSTS and NO CONTRACTS plus a FREE TRIAL.

An added bonus of the way Safe Food Pro has been designed is that it not only makes food safety compliance easy, but it also allows our users to build out other business processes that can then be deployed to the app.

Meet The Faces Behind Safe Food Pro

Jim Quinn


Jim Quinn

Jim brings to bear over five decades of commercial experience and wisdom to Safe Food Pro. He’s our mentor, our strategist, our guiding hand and a man with his eyes firmly on the big picture.

But Jim isn’t all business. Here’s a man who knows his music, having been a long-time rock aficionado and whose happy place is the mosh pit.

Safe Food Pro’s governance is in extremely good hands with this living legend in the mix.



Roly Rogers
Board Member

One of NZ’s original tech entrepreneurs, Roly was building software when ‘code’ came on cardboard with holes in it.

Roly is a life-long innovator. Remember the Cassiopeia? Couriers used to collect electronic signatures on it - thanks to Roly. It was a technological first; one of many for his career.

If you can’t find Roly at the office, he’ll be off on an adventure. Targa Rallies, diving 40m off Great Barrier - Roly can really stake his claim to “been there, done that”.


Michael Hartley
Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a serial CEO tech entrepreneur. In fact, we’ve heard him say “this will be the last one” so many times no one believes him anymore. And we’re glad he keeps going.

Recently Michael took up yoga and meditation to lower his golf handicap. But that’s only if you can get him on the fairway - his happy place is below the surface of the ocean, where Michael seems determined to meet every one of the sharks living in the Hauraki Gulf.



Trish Love
Chief Financial Officer

Shall we tick off the list of Trish’s accomplishments? Entrepreneur, investor, accountant, financial mentor, published author.

Trish’s aspiration is to help as many people as possible to understand what is holding them back financially. This gives her a certain wisdom and generosity that helps keep Safe Food Pro on the straight and narrow.

Outside of work Trish hangs out with her husband and four kids, umpiring netball games, relaxing with a book, writing or meditating. Not your everyday accountant!

Greg Hart


Greg Hart
Head of Product

We’re not sure how Greg became one of NZ’s best UX designers and SaaS marketers. Somehow it started with tunnelling, moved through ostrich farming and evolved into travelling the globe as a rock guitarist. He claims he “just has talent” but most of us have decided he was abducted by aliens.

So what’s next for this multi-talented guy? That’s right you guessed it - launching his own craft beer. Sign us up as taste testers!


Kale Buchanan
Product Analyst

Coming out of a study background which blurred him between the lines of design & development with a little business on top, Kale looks to bring that all together as a creative soup and thrive in the complex product space.

Outside of the office, you’ll find him off on an adventure, anywhere from a hike a couple of days into the bush, to finding which one of his favourite bands are playing in town. 

FT 1

Forsyth Thompson
Head of Growth

As Forsyth likes to remind us - he’s been in the online world longer than Google, with over two decades’ experience. He’s worked for most of New Zealand’s biggest brands at this point, with roles in marketing, data & analytics, and growth.

Here’s a man whose wife says he has too many hobbies. Boating, fishing, diving, running, endurance cycling - if he’s not at Safe Food Pro, he’s probably outdoors putting the rest of us to shame.



Lucy Carter
Performance Designer

When Lucy came out of university with her degree in Industrial Design, she knew she wanted to work with a tech company that shared her passion for simplifying "annoying tasks".

In her spare time, Lucy loves to spend her days in, on and around the water. If she's not on top of it paddleboarding, you can find her diving beneath the waves snorkelling or casting a fishing line to see what she can catch.



Ryan Hartley
Head of Sales

I've been with Safe Food Pro before it had the "Pro" on the end (2015). I started working for Safe Food while I was finishing my degree then moved into a full-time role as the only sales rep once I finished my BA. I then moved into > Business Development Manager > Head of Sales.

Some say I was born for the role here at Safe Food Pro as my dad and his best mates started Safe Food back in 2014. I absolutely love sales, hustling, cold calling, managing new reps and everything sales. 

Ryan is the team member most likely to use emojis whenever he writes a message 🔥, Spearfishing, Diving and surfing with the more than odd craft beer.

Maddy Caro-1


Maddy Caro
Sales Executive/ Team Lead

Arts degree, an acting diploma. A rising star of our sales team, Maddy, proves every day, that it's not about ego, testosterone or bluster, it is all about empathy passion and attention to detail.

Maddy's, keen intellect, inquisitive style, and engaging communications gives our clients a strong internal advocate. Maddy takes the term digital natives to another level, making the software work for her customers.



Storm McDonald
Inbound Sales Specialist

Storm promises us that he used to work hard at his previous job in radio, but when he describes his life it sounds like it's all bantering with listeners, going to concerts and giving things away for free.

Then Ryan sold him on the dream of working in sales for a tech company, and he hasn't looked back.

But, the love is still there; Storm is an avid concertgoer and vinyl collector, and enjoys spending time with his young family.



Toby Sharp
Sales Development Representative

Toby is the newest sales specialist to join the Safe Food Pro team, finding his way to us after his Bachelors of Business because he wanted to "work for a company that was pushing boundaries". 

Now, this is certainly a man to stay friends with. While Toby tinkers with websites to fund his hobbies, he brews his own beer and works to perfect his cocktails. Well, he's got a lot of willing test subjects right here!



Roger Harris
Head of Engagement

Part hippy, part entrepreneur Roger is a walking paradox. A strong supporter of all things environmental. Taking his house off the grid….but loves cutting firewood for his wood burner. Says he is just cruising…. but puts in 70 hours a week. The Father of Safe Food Pro, Roger has a keen eye for the commercial opportunity and the killer instinct to hunt the result. With his almost pathological interest in the customer's experience, we are fortunate he is on our team, not someone else’s.



Sophie Quinn
Head of Customer Success

A career in professional dance may not be a traditional background for a support specialist, but perhaps it's her ability to stay in step with our customers and make our software sing that makes Sophie such an amazing customer advocate.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sophie is also a pilates instructor on the side and is passionate about exercise. So, she’s helping our customers find success as well as the general public! What a legend.


Phoebe Cettina
Customer Champion Lead

Imagine the perfect Customer Champion. Are you picturing Phoebe? We hope so! Phoebe comes to us eminently qualified, with BAs in Politics and International Relations, and Philosophy. She has a passion for working with companies that help others, so it’s no surprise that before Site App Pro she was with Greenpeace.

As for Phoebe outside of office hours, she's currently learning how to skateboard, and presuming she doesn't break her bones in the course of that activity she's a big-time reader and budding baker.


Josh Winthrop
Customer Champion

Before Safe Food Pro, Josh was a part of Greenpeace - where he built his skills in helping and educating others. That love of helping people led him to Safe Food Pro, where we're all about making life easier for our customers.

Josh prides himself in not taking things too seriously, and is another one of our growing squad of Safe Food Pro musicians - although we'll have to pull him away from his own band if we're to snaffle him for our own.

John Clarkson


John Clarkson
Head of Technology

An engineer’s engineer, John is in the pursuit of perfection. He’s an advocate for the SaaS methodology and has baked his commitment to excellence into our product designs and road map.

But what does he get up to when he’s not at the office, participating in one of our favourite office pastimes of baiting the sales team? John is a team sportsman: soccer in winter, cricket in summer, sprinkled with tramping in between.

Helen Clarkson


Helen Clarkson
Head of Customer Implementation

A Naval Engineer with a career in the North Sea oil fields, Helen is not fazed by much. Her ability to turn the technical into lay speak and turn lay speak into the technical is at the heart of SFP innovative wizard design. Helen holds a deep knowledge of how rules and regulation impact on our product and customers. Helen is absolutely the right person to have in your corner when the verifiers come knocking. Paddle boarder, tennis captain, hockey player, mother of highly managed adolescents, Helen is indeed a woman for all seasons.

Ivan Surya


Ivan Surya
Software Developer 

To Ivan, bugs in our backend and database code are a personal affront - and he won’t rest until the issues are resolved. He’ll passionately argue for customer results and can tackle support issues at lightning speed.

Ivan also visits more countries per year than the rest of our team combined. The Wanderlust is strong with this one - he says he once applied for a role at Lonely Planet but didn’t want to mess up his travel with all that writing.

Michael Jones

Michael Jones
Product Analyst

Michael is our rising star, quick on the uptake and proving incredibly popular with the rest of our team for his ability to test, test and test again.

Named after the world’s best rugby openside, Michael had his own rugby career cut short by a broken collar bone. To play it safe, he’s decided to take up safer sports - like mountain biking, football, tennis and skiing. Needless to say that collar bone is in safe hands.



Jacob Allen
Mobile/Frontend Software Engineer 

Jacob is practically one of the family here at Safe Food Pro. A good friend of Ryan's, he brings with him to our team his experience as a full-stack developer and a qualification in Computer Systems Engineering.

Jacob is into photography and music as well, and when we asked him about his hobbies and interests he said, "Evidently not very good at writing About Us sections." That's absolutely fine! Because he's a rockstar with computers and knows how to build an amazing product.



Simon Driessen
Junior Test Analyst & Developer

Simon comes to Safe Food Pro with a Bachelor of Creative Technologies and a Postgraduate Certificate in IT.

He joined our team to be a part of a young and exciting tech company, having always wanted to work in app development and testing. If there's a problem in the code, he'll find it and fix it.

Outside of work you can find him playing his guitar (he too is in a couple of bands), playing football or tennis, and hiking.




Dean Weaver
Head of Procurement 

Dean is one of the many highly experienced experts here at Safe Food Pro. He's been around the block, with jobs at major Kiwi brands like Vector and Vodafone, as well as a number of years spent working in the UK.

As a parent, Dean spends a lot of time with his kids - which is one of the reasons he joined Safe Food Pro, where he has the job flexibility to both be a super professional and a super dad.



Kirsty Dunn
Finance Manager

Kirsty is proof that there’s no experience for sharpening your organisational and communication skills quite like 15 years of raising three children.

Coming from a commerce, logistics and start-up background, Kirsty brings an enormous degree of talent and knowledge to the Safe Food pro team. She’s also a natural competitor, always on her A-game whether she’s at work, out on the tennis courts or hot on the trail of other “spirited women”.